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Your Go-to Destination For Hassle-free
Homegrown Cannabis.
South African Cannabis Culture

Welcome to Seed and Soil SA, your go-to destination for hassle-free homegrown cannabis in South Africa. We’ve revolutionized the art of growing at home, and the results speak for themselves. Picture this: All-in-One Grow Kits featuring premium cannabis genetics, meticulously crafted soil, pots, nutrients, and expert advice – all in a single box. Get ready for a new way of growing, because at Seed and Soil, we’re all about making it simple.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned cultivator, wading through the immense sea of information on countless strains online can be a daunting task. But fear not – we’ve got your back. We’ve taken the complexity out of the equation by handpicking the crème de la crème of genetics from across the globe, tried and tested to thrive effortlessly within the unique conditions of the South African climate. Combined with our Grow Guides and Tips that are designed with South African growers in mind, success is yours for the taking!

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the laws. Cannabis in South Africa is on a journey of transformation. Currently, the buying or selling of cannabis is still a no-go, and frankly, who wants to sneak around dark alleys for subpar weed grown by strangers anyway? The solution is simple and we are putting the power in your hands – if you want to enjoy it legally, you’ve got to grow it yourself!

Let’s talk seeds. We have meticulously curated our collection to bring you the latest range of autoflowering seed genetics that not only thrives in the South African climate but also provide the most bang for your buck. We breed and import our genetics from reputable breeders in the USA and Europe bringing some of the best international genetics straight to your door. Paired with our proprietary layered soil and nutrients, we’re handing you a blueprint for seed-to-harvest success. Expect vigorous growth and remarkable pest resilience. Brace yourself for flavors that tantalize your senses, and THC / CBD levels leave you awe-struck.

Why Opt for Autoflowers? It’s a simple equation, and the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. Imagine plants that sprint to harvest in just 10 weeks, yielding a remarkable 50 – 100 grams or more per plant with minimal effort. From balcony to windowsill, grow room to garden, Seed and Soil’s magic works anywhere and success is a given. Autoflowers are nature’s little survivors and stand unfazed against the challenges of cold, heat, pests, and mold, making them the perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned pros alike. Light cycles and loadshedding won’t hold them back; they bloom independently, allowing you to cultivate beyond the boundaries of a controlled space and to grow or harvest multiple times per year. Even with a modest budget and limited gear, you’ll produce a cannabis batch that fills you with pride – especially if you follow our Grow Guides and Tips.

The bottom line? In a world where loadshedding is a reality, autoflowers from Seed and Soil SA stand out as the smart choice. We’re more than just a name; we’re your trusted companion on your journey to successful cannabis cultivation. Join us and start your growing adventure. With Seed and Soil SA, your dream harvest is just a step away.

Our Seeds & Genetics

Quality Beyond Compare!

At Seed and Soil SA, nothing takes precedence over the excellence of our seeds and genetics. We’ve made it our mission to excel in this department.

Our catalog boasts a handpicked assortment of premium feminized autoflowering seeds from respected breeders worldwide, and we’re continually updating our genetic offerings. During checkout, you can select the strain that best suits your needs. For more insights on choosing the perfect strain for your environment, explore our informative Grow Guide and Cannabis Genetics pages.

At Seed and Soil SA, we understand that the journey to successful cannabis cultivation begins with the right seeds. Join us in discovering the world of autoflowers and unlock a realm of potential that’s both efficient and rewarding.

Seed and Soil cannabis genetics autoflowers

What sets autoflowers apart? These remarkable cannabis seeds grow at an accelerated pace compared to their traditional counterparts and don’t demand a meticulous 12/12 lighting schedule to initiate the flowering phase. Instead, they gracefully transition into the flowering stage after approximately 4 weeks, all without the need for expensive equipment or extensive grow room setups. With cost-effective cultivation and simplified maintenance, the advantages of autoflowers seem almost boundless. Your dream harvest is just a few clicks away.

Our Soil & Nutrients

Cultivating Excellence from the Ground Up!

Seed and Soil Autoflowering craft soil

Apart from good seeds, the growing medium or soil is the 2nd most important factor, and often the pitfall of inexperienced growers!

Within each of our grow kits lies a soil kit meticulously tailored to the unique growth cycle of autoflowering cannabis plants. Since 2020 Seed and Soil SA introduced the groundbreaking concept of layered soil. Our soil kits feature five distinct layers, ensuring your plant receives precisely what it needs as the roots extend deeper. What’s more, our soil consistently delivers exceptional results, even without additional nutrients.

Catering to proficient growers too, our All-in-One grow kits incorporate a specialized nutrient kit aimed at enhancing the presence of beneficial microbial life. With an innate ability to replenish your soil’s NPK nutrient essentials in tandem with your plant’s necessities, it becomes a catalyst for heightened growth and amplified yields.

Our Grow Guides & Tips

Nurturing Your Green Thumb

Not sure where to start? Having plant problems? Set your worries aside – we’re here to help you every step of the way. Starting your cannabis journey doesn’t require deep pockets, and our guidance is open to all, even those who haven’t made a purchase. All the insights you need are right HERE.

Our treasure trove of resources includes step-by-step growing instructions, invaluable advice, expert tips, innovative techniques, effective pest control strategies, and much more. Say goodbye to endlessly scouring the internet for solutions; we’ve got your back.

Cannabis growing Knowledge
Seed and Soil quality controlled cannabis

Our Quality Assurance

Cultivate with Confidence

Amid nature’s unpredictable beauty, we offer a reliable promise. Certainties are rare but with a dash of care and our guidance, we can ensure your success. We proudly back our promise of reliable germination and predominantly female plants. In the unlikely event that your seed takes an unexpected detour away from femininity, rest assured that we will swiftly refund or replace your product. What’s more, our commitment to your success means that every grow kit includes not one, but two seeds – failure is not an option.

Strain Selection Made Simple

Navigating the world of cannabis seeds can be a daunting task. With an abundance of options, each with its own unique traits and growing requirements, making the wrong choice can be disheartening after months of effort.

At Seed and Soil SA, we’ve simplified the process. Our experts have carefully curated a selection of top-tier strains, each offering distinct effects and qualities. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, creativity, or pure euphoria, we have the ideal strain for your cultivation journey.

Explore our range of strains HERE and educate yourself about strain characteristics and cultivation methods in our informative Grow guides and tips section.